Samsung YP-Q2 guns for iPod Nano

Samsung has revealed its latest portable music/video player, the YP-Q2, and it seems like it could have the iPod Nano looking over its shoulder.Why? W

Why? Well, because it features mammoth battery life serving up up to 50 hours of music playback (double the Nano’s maximum battery life), not to mention support for the lossless FLAC format.

Sure, the Nano’ll play Apple Lossless files - but FLAC is way more popular, especially with (naughty, naughty) people who download music.

There’s also touch-sensitive controls, a 2.4in screen and either 8GB or 16GB of storage. And it’s expected to support BBC iPlayer, just like its predecessor, the YP-Q1.

No word on price or availability just yet, but we’ll be keeping a beady eye out for more info on this one in the near future.