Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4 with somewhat nonsensical ad

You’ll see lots of phabulous people having fun – but none of them are using a phablet
You think this guy uses a Samsung phablet IRL?

What kind of lifestyle will you lead if you buy the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Well, we can’t say for sure right now (it won’t be unveiled until next Wednesday, 3rd September), but Samsung is suggesting this phablet will make your existence on this planet totally AWESOME.

The company has just released a teaser ad for the device that doesn’t really reference or relate to phablets at all: it’s simply one minute of cool urban creatives living their cool urban creative and culturally rich lives to the backing of a Mos Def song.

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Can u note

OK, so there is a “write” reference, and obviously you can write on a Note using the S-Pen; and an exhortation to “go big” which is probably a reference to the Note 4 having a big screen. That’s about your lot, really – the only reasons we know it’s definitely about the Note 4 is the fact that the video itself is called “Ready to Note?” and there's a brief glimpse of a stylus tapping a phablet towards the end.

It’s not just Samsung that does this kind of thing, of course – Apple has been at it for years, and Sony just teased its upcoming Xperia range (also to be unveiled at IFA on 3rd September) with a similar video – but we’re not sure the Galaxy Note 4 will ever be purchased by someone as a means of being cool or culturally relevant (we could make a joke about it being too big to fit in a skinny jeans pocket but this isn't 2010, so we won't).

What will it be? A really large phone with a stylus. Probably good at multitasking and pretty powerful. And, you know, that’s alright. We'll find out for sure next week.

[Source: Android Central]