Samsung takes a leaf out of Apple's book with Learning Hub

The Korean tech giant is taking on iBooks 2 and iTunes U with its interactive learning app

Apple's iBooks 2 and iTunes U caused quite a stir when they was unveiled recently – and now Samsung's taking a leaf out of Apple's book with Learning Hub. The education app looks like a mix of iTunes U and iBooks 2, featuring interactive materials and video lectures.

In an announcement on its Korean website, Samsung has revealed that Learning Hub will be released with 6,000 different resources from 30 universities and schools. This might sound impressive – but given iTunes U alone has half a million videos and audio files, Samsung has a long way to go to compete.

However, unlike iTunes U, anyone will be able to add content to Learning Hub, so we could see lessons on anything from Klingon to Javascript.

Learning Hub will initially only be available for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9, but Samsung is planning to roll it out to its smartphones.

Samsung says content will be free, although it isn't clear if the app will be free to download like iBooks 2. Learning Hub will be formally launched on February 27 at MWC 2012, so check back for all the details.

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