Rumour: Google to launch Apple TV-style set-top streamer this week

Report claims Android-powered box with voice controls and game support will be debuted at I/O conference
Rumour: Google to launch Apple TV-style set-top streamer this week

Google is poised to announce a new set-top streamer to take on the likes of the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The report claims the device runs on Android TV, a new form of the operating system that could eventually make it into set-top streaming devices manufactured by third-party companies. Android TV will support video, music and games, feature a stripped-down interface and support voice controls. Android (and possibly other) phones will be able to act as remote controls.

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Third time lucky?

One of its most interesting features, according to sources, is the ability to run smartphone games. So you could start playing a game on your Android phone or tablet, pause it and pick up from where you left off on your living room TV.

Google has already made two abortive attempts to launch a set-top box: there was Google TV in 2010, then the Nexus Q in 2012. Both were failures. The Chromecast streamer has fared much better (read our full review to find out why) but is a lot more limited in its scope than this rumoured device.

The report claims that Google will launch the device at its I/O conference in San Francisco, which starts later today. We’ll be live blogging it from 6pm UK time, so tune in then for all the updates.

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