RAPP watch offers affordable, customisable timekeeping

Don a throwback to the '80s with this stylish wrist-snapping ticker 


With new-fangled gizmos being released on a daily basis it’s no wonder that so many of us have become indecisive wrecks when it comes to even the smallest of decisions. The RAPP watch is a breath of fresh air in an indecisive world by offering the power to mix and match different coloured watch faces and silicone straps, allowing you to transform from exuberant orange to ninja black in mere seconds. 

Boasting a spring steel interior, the watch can be snapped on to your wrist resulting in nostalgic flashbacks to the playgrounds of yesteryear. At only £15 per piece, £9 for an extra face and £8 for an extra strap, we look forward to building up an affordable set for every occasion. Check out the plethora of colours at the store here and mix ‘n match to your heart’s content.


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