Promoted: How the ZTE Axon’s camera makes you (and everything else) look good

From advanced shooting effects via twin lenses to super-selfies, the ZTE Axon’s photography chops are a thing to behold

One of the perks of writing about technology is you end up with more mobile phones than a secret agent. Apart from picking up various bits of phone trivia (we can do a factory reset on any phone, blindfolded), it underscores an important point: not all smartphones are made the same.

That sounds more obvious than a bear on a bus, but while big differences such as the number of cores a phone’s processor has or how big its screen is often get top billing, there are plenty of other factors that make a big difference.

Take the ZTE Axon phone, for example. There’s plenty that makes it stand out – like its premium build quality and 5.5in display, but photographers should flip the phone over, because the cameras on the back are properly amazing.

Camera bonanza

Spot that? Cameras, plural. Not your typical old-fashioned offering of only one camera like most other smartphones in the market – with the Axon phone you get a main one as well as a secondary.

The main camera is the star of the show; a 13-megapixel megasnapper that works just as well for outdoorsy-landscape shots as it does for snap-and-run portraits. Beneath that? A two-megapixel camera that serves a much more interesting purpose: it lets photographers change the focus of their images after they’ve taken them. That means can create pictures with minimal depth of field (blurred backgrounds), whatever your original shot looked like.

The Axon’s photography chops don’t end there: it’s got more tricks up its sleeve than a Vegas magician. Fans of the selfie will like the 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and the quad-core Snapdragon processor keeps things moving at a fast clip. That means you can take full advantage of the amazing apps on the Android Play store to process and share your images.

The awesome camera isn’t just for shooting still images, either. Pop the Axon on video mode and you’ll find the option to shoot amazingly detailed 4K video – so you can get the most from your adventures. All those pictures and video will occupy plenty of space, so it’s lucky the Axon comes with 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded to an extra 128GB with a microSD card. Now there’s a phone with a difference.

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