Project Glass-style iGlasses coming from Apple?

A patent has just emerged giving away Apple’s attempts to create its own heads-up-display glasses – just like Google’s Project Glass

Apple, never one to be outdone, has submitted a patent for a Google Glass style heads-up-display design. iGlasses, anyone?

The only problem that appears to be holding Apple back is getting a super high resolution in such a small display. Apple points out in the patent that getting a high resolution display in a small package will cost lots as it will need to draw power from a tiny battery – and be lightweight.

The alternative, having lower resolution, doesn’t seem to be an option. The solution is what Apple calls pixel multiplication. The display’s pixel resolution will increase with mechanical actuation. That means pixels can be shifted to be denser in certain areas where it’s necessary – meaning less pixels crammed in and maintaining consistent high quality, keeping costs to a minimum.

It’s great to see Apple still innovating – here’s hoping it does the same with the design of these potentially jaw-dropping glasses. Now it just has to beat Google to the release.

[Via AppleInsider]

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