Project Ascension unites Steam, uPlay and Origin for the ultimate PC gaming hub

One gaming portal to rule them all...

PC gamers are all too familiar with having to switch between Steam and other proprietory services like EA's Origin and Ubisoft's uPlay.

Want to play Skyrim? Fire up Steam. Far Cry 4? uPlay. Battlefield? Origin it is. It's fiddly and annoying, and can be a serious pain, especially when you want to browse through new games and deals on their respective stores.

Thankfully a team of 18 passionate PC gamers have volunteered their efforts to create Project Ascension - a multi-platform piece of software which plans to unifying Steam, Origin and uPlay into one handy place.

It won't mean that you can completely do away with the clients (they'll still have to be installed), but it will act as a fancy launcher - a one-stop-shop for accessing and launching all of your games, as well as uniting the different stores and deals to save you from having to fire up multiple programmes at once.

Project Ascension will work on Windows, OS X and a variety of Linix distros, with an open beta coming this autumn a full release planned soon after.

To keep up with the development and give feedback to its creators, you can hang out at the official Project Ascension Reddit thread. #PSMasterRace