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PowerBulb’s two USB sockets are a cable lover’s delight

Electricity converted into convenience… with zero wastage!

Don’t you mean a ‘cable hater’?

Nope. A cable hater would be someone who wants to completely rid themselves of cables. Cable lovers, conversely, take delight in throughput, are immersed in amperage and titillated by a neat routing. They are shepherds.

Sound like the kind of dorks that spend more than £10 on a HDMI cable to me.

Careful, now. That is a can of worms best left alone. Back to the PowerBulb. It’s a marvellously neat solution to bedside or sofa-side power sharing – that lamp that you already had plugged in now also serves up two USB sockets for device charging. They’re described as serving up 2.4 amps, with ‘MegaSmart’ charging circuitry that assigns power to the neediest widget.

And a light too! Does it do the crazy party colours?

Sadly, no. MegaTinyCorp‘s PowerBulb has a straightforward white LED light – 2700k, 608 lumens – with two settings, on and off. There’s not even an app to control it. Which, to be honest, we’re a little pleased about. Fewer apps, and more neat cable solutions, please.

Plus, as philosophers always say: with reasonable simplicity comes general affordability. Keen Kickstarter backers can snag themselves a PowerBulb for US$29 plus postage, with various bundle deals if you want to festoon your flat with fancy bulbs.