Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Mini DS6600 is out now

The little brother to Philips’ award winning dock is out now and wants to make friends with your Apple kit

Philips, not satisfied with the success of its DS9800W dock, has created a smaller version called the Fidelio SoundSphere Mini DS6600.

The SoundSphere Mini can play from your docked iPod or iPhone, while charging it, of course. It can also handle any other USB or 3.5mm cable connections. The twin speakers may be small but they pack a powerful yet accurate audio punch thanks to the 25mm soft dome tweeters and 68mm mid/bass drivers all being kept separate in that functional but attractive body.

The Philips DS6600 is out now for £400 at the Apple store, so while you’re there buying a new MacBook Pro

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