Palm officially unveils its Treo Pro

It's been the subject of increasingly dull web rumours, so praise be that Palm has finally decided to lift the lid on the new Treo Pro. Taking up wher

It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 inside, a QWERTY board, GPS and a touchscreen thrown in for good measure. And just to show they care, Palm has stuck a 3.5mm jack round the side.

It's due to drop soon and will be available to high–powered types and their flunkies from Vodafine and O2. If you want an unlocked version, you'll need to pony up a massive £399. Our advice? Don't bother if there's not a SIM.

Still, at least Palm has beaten RIM and its slew of unconfirmed BlackBerrys to the punch. Grab this, or wait for the Javelin or Thunder. It's your shout.


Palm Treo Pro

Price: £399 SIM free

On sale: Now

Contact: Palm