Orange iPhone tariffs cap 3G data to 750MB a month

While Orange may have come out on top in our iPhone tariff face off, it seems their 3G data cap is less than generous, and could cause Spotify lovers

The chaps over at Electricpig have had a good read through the small print on Orange’s iPhone pay monthly tariffs and found that there is a 3G data cap of 750MB per month.

Sure, that’s going to give you plenty of room for browsing and emailing, but when you start looking at streaming services, it could get a little tight.

The popular Spotify app allows you to stream music from your Spotify account over 3G to your iPhone. Streaming your music at around 160kbps, this means you’ll reach your limit within around 13 hours.

Doing the maths, this means you’ll be able to listen to around 25 minutes a day, and that would leave no room for any browsing, video streaming or emailing.

This is restrictive to say the least, and certainly makes an Orange iPhone tariff less appealing.

Would the 3G data cap put you off? Let us know below.