Oh look, Nokia's making a smartwatch too

The wrist-hugger party keeps on growing as Nokia's latest patent points to a new smartwatch in the works
Oh look, Nokia's making a smartwatch too

Pebble. Samsung Galaxy Gear. Sony Smartwatch 2. Kreyos Meteor. The mythical Apple iWatch. The list of smartwatches keeps on growing – and now Nokia's name could be thrown into the mix.

A Nokia patent spied at the US Patent and Trademark Office shows off a modular Nokia concept smartwatch which lets users swap out different displays for different functions.

It actually looks more like a smart bracelet, with multiple displays wrapped around your wrist, and each screen can be detached and swapped for another.

While the details are a little sketchy, we can imagine swapping out an OLED display for an E Ink one for maximum battery life or easier visibility outdoors. Or simply replacing a screen we've smashed after embarking on a particularly vigorous twerking session. Hey, it happens.

The Windows 8-like lock screen hints towards the OS that'll be used, but given that not all patents come to fruition, we're filing this in the 'maybe' pile for the time being.

Still, we've wondered where Nokia might pop up next, and given how brilliantly innovative the company has been in the past, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see this concept come to fruition. 

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