Nokia N97 Mini confirmed and dated

We all knew it was coming, thanks to various leaked shots and the odd loose-lipped Vodafone employee but now Nokia has confirmed the N97 Mini will be

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the handset is basically a mini version of the N97, losing 3-inches off the original 3.5-inch touchscreen to make it 3.2.

Also minified is the on-board memory, down from 32GB to 8GB – but with a microSDHC slot to compensate – while the camera remains the same at 5 megapixels, but loses the lens cover.

Most interesting about the Mini perhaps, is that it will premiere the Livecasting with Ovi service, a partnership with Facebook that will allow a user to update their status with their location direct from the  phone's homescreen.

There's also improved software that adds usability improvements such as flick scrolling, and this software complete with Lifecasting with Ovi will be available for existing N97 users to download in October.

The N97 Mini will also be available in October, and will cost around £400 SIM-free or free on contract.

Be sure to check out our hands-on pictures with the N97 Mini next to its big brother and let us know if you think the minification was necessary.