Nokia brings NFC to gaming

Bored of gaming in the virtual world? Nokia's using NFC to bring games back to reality

Nokia, having recently announcing the 603 Symbian Belle smartphone, is developing new ways to use the NFC technology packed into it and other handsets. And it looks like "tangible gaming" using NFC is the next big thing.

Research team Nokia Beta Labs has developed several games that use NFC tags to bridge the gap between the phone and the real world. At the moment the games are pretty simple affairs such as pairing cards and re-arranging nursery rhymes. But the potential for NFC gaming that blends reality and virtual reality is limitless – especially if it's paired up with technologies such as augmented reality.

Nokia has more NFC games on the way, including adventure games and NFC variations on old board games.

If you fancy giving the games a try – and you have an NFC-equipped smartphone – they're available from Nokia Beta Labs.


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