No Man's Sky won't release until next summer, but it looks well worth the wait

One of the most anticipated games on the horizon will linger there a while longer

Hello Games' No Man's Sky has wowed us a few times with spectacular demos over the last couple of years, and it featured prominently on our list of the 30 most anticipated games of this year.

Only it's not coming out this year. We know: it's late October, that's not really shocking. But we held out hope, and if this year wasn't happening, then maybe it would be January or February. Or March. Or... well, we just want to play it. But it'll be a while longer still.

Today, as part of Sony's Paris Games Week presentation, Hello Games revealed that the PlayStation 4 and PC game won't see release until June 2016 on both platforms. That's longer than hoped, but no concrete target was given before, and Hello Games has a very small team working on a very large game. It's not surprising so much as disappointing - yet still completely understandable.

And the latest trailer, seen above, shows just how vast and beautiful it is. Thanks to an assist from some excellent Rutger Hauer narration in the vein of his iconic Blade Runner appearance, complete with similar synth music, we see the neon-coated worlds you'll explore and the creatures and other inhabitants you'll find within.

It really looks like a game we want to get lost in for a long while, and although we're sad that it's still a good eight months out, we desperately want No Man's Sky to live up to its considerable hype. So take your time, Hello Games, and we guess we'll play all those other games we have stacked up in the Stuff offices - with so many more coming - 'til then.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]