Nissan’s got an SUV for Star Wars super fans

Good luck keeping this collectible in the box

It doesn’t look very Star Wars-y to me…

Patience, young Padawan - Nissan’s Rogue One limited edition crossover SUV shares more than a name with the upcoming prequel.

Sure, it’s an odd tie-in, seeing how the car doesn’t exactly show up in the film (and no, that’s not a spoiler). Still, it’s brimming with Star Wars-flavoured tweaks and extras, both inside and out.

Can I expect a lightsaber in the glove box?

OK, maybe not quite brimming, then. You do get natty Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance logos on the D-pillars though, along with Rogue One badges on the front doors and a Star Wars logo on the rear bumper.

Nissan also throws in some black exterior trim and black roof rails. You won’t be confusing one for a moon any time soon, but it’ll stand out compared to a regular Rogue.

Inside, you’ll get glowing Star Wars doorsill plates, and Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire logos in the cupholders. Oh, and limited edition floor mats. Neat.

Naturally, the only two paint colors are black and white. Make your choice, Rebel scum.

Has it got a hyperdrive under the hood, then?

Not quite - this is one motor that’s more suited to the school run than the Kessel run.

The Rogue One limited edition has the same 2.5-litre, 170bhp engine as the standard Rogue, and it’s paired with the same Xtronic continuously variable transmission too.

It’s front-wheel drive as standard, but you can step up to all-wheel drive if your daily commute has the kinds of terrain that could trouble a Tauntaun.

Not exactly going to fit in a display case though, is it?

Don’t send out a distress beacon just yet - the Rogue’s got something special that’s a little easier to slide into place between your mint condition Chewbacca figurines and A New Hope Pez dispensers.

Each car comes with a full-size Death Trooper replica helmet, complete with stand for showing off to your fellow sci-fi geeks. It’s been given the official nod from Lucasfilm, and matches Rogue One’s menacing Death Trooper outfits perfectly.

So put that in your display case and stroke it.

Let me guess… it’s from a dealership far, far away?

Kind of, unless you’re part of the Rebel alliance - or live in the US or Canada, at any rate. Us British Imperials miss out, but 5000 Rogues will be heading to the States and 400 to Canada, just in time for the film - which hits cinemas on December 16. They'll carry a US$1990 premium over the standard car.

A small price to pay to show off your allegiance to the Empire, right?