Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad add-on appears online

Fancy an extra analogue stick for your 3DS? It comes at a chunky price

Fancy boosting your 3DS gameplay with added controls? Now you can, thanks to an eyesore of an add-on dubbed the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad. Essentially a second analogue stick, it has suddenly appeared on the gaming giant's website with no prior warning.

While it's not exciting enough to be announced with its own fanfare, the Slide Pad not only delivers another analogue stick, but throws in a couple of extra shoulder buttons, too. With more buttons onboard, the 3DS is set to become more adept at handling first person shooters like the upcoming Monster Hunter 3G (announced earlier). The compromise you make, though, is that it makes your little handheld a lot more bulky and quite frankly, more than a little ugly.

It's also thought the Slide Pad – which runs on a single AAA battery, as opposed to sucking the life out of your 3DS' battery – will be sold as part of a bundle.

The news comes alongside Nintendo's earlier announcement that 3D video capture will be available for the 3DS, as well as a handful of new titles. The unimaginatively named Slide Pad hits Japanese retailers in December for ¥1500 (around £13) and is expected to be available in the rest of the world some time next year.


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