Next big thing – Swap-O-Matic exchange machines

Fancy swapping your old tennis racquet for a pair of trainers? Thanks to the Swap-O-Matic vending machine, you can

What’s so special about a cabinet from the 50’s?

Don’t’ be deceived by the Swap-O-Matic’s retro-tastic name and styling. This is a glimpse into the future of self-supplied vending machine recycling, allowing you to swap your unwanted bits and bobs for other peoples’ offerings.

So I can exchange my puppy for an iPod?

You monster. We’re not sure about puppies, but you’ll receive credits for each item you donate which can then be used to take other items for yourself. Recycling and sharing, all for free. Everybody wins.

So about that puppy…

Slow down. The Swap-O-Matic is just a working concept at the moment and hasn’t hit mainstream use. Its creators will need to think of a way to stop people exchanging a pair of old socks for an iPad first, but when they do, we’ll be the first in line with our crate of old timer gadgets.

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