Next Big Thing – Airbus of the future

Airbus doesn’t sound sexy, but the latest see-through, human energy-harvesting on board tech is saliva worthy

Airbus sounds boring and functional, what's the big deal?

Airbus has revealed a concept plane that harvests energy from passengers. No, not in a Matrix man-farm kind of way. Instead, the chairs, which auto-morph to your body-shape using smart materials move about the aircraft to suit space and lighting while absorbing your heat and using it to power the jet turbines.

Cool, but I'm still waiting for an iPad dock on my tray table

Onboard gadgetry of the future could also include gesture control window tinting, an adjustable multi-purpose function room, hand-recognition entry pads, separate acupuncture/aromatherapy and tech-heavy seating areas and a luggage loading bay that delivers your hand-luggage to the overhead locker above your seat – no more queuing to get on and off. Watch the whole video here.


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