New Game Boy due November

Ready those thumbs - Nintendo's Game Boy Micro is arrivng here in November, two months after the US launch and the Sony PSP's UK debut. Read on for pricing and more

Good news for cheapskates, Advance Wars fans and Zelda addicts - Nintendo's Game Boy Micro is launching 4th November at £70.

The big deal is the gaming handheld's tiny dimensions - 102x51x18mm - which makes palmtops look chunky. It also has a 2-inch screen that's more akin to the quality of the DS's display than the cruddy one on the old GBA SP.

The Micro's initially due in silver, green, blue and pink, though you'll be able to change its colour by buying new snap-on front panels. Nintendo is planning to have several available for the 4th November launch.

While we love the look, size and support for the entire GBA/GB catalogue of games, we're sceptical about the pricing. For £30 extra, you could upgrade to the far more powerful DS.

This autumn, Nintendo's also due to launch new colour editions and a movie/MP3 player add-on for the DS. We'll have more for you as we get it.