New Aliph Jawbone makes Bluetooth sexy

Be honest, it’s difficult to pull off a Bluetooth headset. You know you’re on a call, but to everyone else looking in you’re just so

Still, Aliph’s Jawbone sequel is the kind of kit you want wrapped round your lughole while indulging in a powwow on a drive to your next sales pitch in Milton Keynes.

The updated version of their already tiny headset is half the size of the original and packs “Noise Assassin” tech, which, we’re told, beefs up the plain old noise cancelling in the old model.

Battery life is lower than the original, with four hours of talk and eight hours of standby. Still, it’s fast charging, so you can get up to 80 per cent of power after just thirty minutes. Speedy.

Its light too, at a mere 10 grams. There’s no UK price, but don’t expect it to come in at the US cost of $130. You’ll be able to grab it in black, but it’ll also come in white and the horrendous sounding rose gold.


Aliph Jawbone

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Aliph