New from 3: Blog TV, Dual Downloads and the Moto V3x

As we reported earlier today [story here], Three's finally sorting out the sticky mess that is music downloads on mobile phones.Starting tomorrow, any

As we reported earlier today [story here], Three's finally sorting out the sticky mess that is music downloads on mobile phones.

Starting tomorrow, anyone buying a full-length £1.50 song with one of Three's newer phones - such as the Nokia 6680 - will also be able to download a 128kbps Windows Media Audio version to their PC. Three is ingeniously calling this unique service Dual Download.

The launch line-up features a small 5,000-strong selection of new pop tunes from the likes of cuddly James Blunt. By comparison, the iTunes Music Store stocks more than a million songs and Vodafone's music download offering serves up roughly 500,000.

Three also has several other goodies coming our way:

  • Pupillo, a cute 3G home security cam in the vein of Nokia's old Observation Camera. You'll be able to dial into it by making a video call with any Three mob when it goes on sale before Christmas.
  • Dub Play Drama, a Channel 4 drama made for mobiles with a plot that you decide by voting. It's coming next month.
  • See Me TV. This is very cool. It's a video blogging from your phone, but with the added bonus that if a thousand people download your clip, you get a £10 PayPal payment from Three. You have to pay 50p to upload it in the first place, mind, so make sure you have lots of mates. Oh, and Three snag the copyright when you upload it, so be careful not to put that Winterbottom-beating short film on there.
  • Active Desktop. If you're on one of Three's newer phones you'll soon see this news ticker appear on your phone's 'home' page. It gets automatically updated around eight times a day with latest news and content from Three, though you can turn it off if it gets on your wick.

And finally...

There are a host of new phones, all out before Christmas and all up in the air for pricing at the moment:

  • Motorola V3X, pictured. We want it, we need it - and soon we'll have it. The X doesn't quite have the wow dimensions of the original RAZR, but it does have Windows Media Player and a 2MP shooter.

  • Nokia N70. The lux smartphone de jour, replete with 2MP cam, Series 60 and a cracking screen.
  • LG U880. A very tasty clamshell that's about the same thickness as the V3X. There's nothing mindblowing on the features front, but it does come in silver, black or pink.

We're expecting Orange to announce a very big - and very similar? - music download service tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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