Netatmo Healthy Home Coach gives your house a tech-assisted spring clean

Get the lowdown on your abode's air quality, noise and humidity with this smart-looking sensor suite

Looks like Amazon’s Echo had a baby with a 2005-era iPod Mini.

Yes – and yet the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach has absolutely nothing in common with either of those devices.

Awwww, but I wanted to be able to talk to it and get its opinion on how horrendously sulphurous my flat’s air quality is…

Well, this thing is fully HomeKit-enabled, so if you’ve got an iPhone you’ll be able to do that via Siri. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – you’re probably wondering what exactly it is the Healthy Home Coach does.

I sense that you’re about to tell me, whether I am or not…

Bingo. It’s an indoor climate monitor, able to measure the air quality, humidity, temperature and noise inside any room in your home – or all the rooms, if you’ve bought a gaggle of them – and then, via its app, offer insights on how you can make your interior a bit more health-conscious.

Well, air quality and humidity and temperature I can understand, but noise? I mean, I have a pair of pretty decent noise-measuring devices on my head already.

This is more scientific, and really designed for use in a baby’s room. There might be noises you’re not even aware of bothering your bairn, and this will keep you clued up.

In fact, the monitor is made for users with kids in mind, as little ones are more susceptible to the sorts of problems bad air quality can cause but aren’t as good at identifying them, or articulating any problems they might be experiencing. The Healthy Home Coach works alongside a mobile app (Android and iOS), while will tell you if something’s up with a room, and if so how you can fix it. It’ll even do that when you’re on the other side of the world – although that might make it hard to, y’know, sort out the problem.

Anyway, if you reckon your environment could do with a tech-assisted spring clean, you can pick up a Netatmo Healthy Home Coach for £100 right now.