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MPIO shrinks the MP4 player, takes on Samsung T8

So you want to sneakily watch Episode III during high-powered meetings? There's nothing we can do about your sci-fi taste, but we can recommend MPIO's ONE to you - it's even smaller than the Samsung T8

Well, look what just rode into town – it’s the MPIO ONE, sitting astride the boast that it’s ‘the world’s smallest personal media player’.

Actually, it transpires this probably is the smallest. Where Samsung’s virtually microscopic T8 measures 83mm tall, the ONE ducks in at 55mm tall; where the T8 weighs 55g, the ONE aces it by tipping the scales at a negligible 35g.

Features-wise, MPIO’s new MP3/MP4 player can’t compete with Samsung. It does, however, playback a comprehensive arsenal of codecs including WMV, DivX and AVI for video. Audio’s well catered for, too, with OGG, MP3 and DRM-ed WMA support.

Our only immediate whinge is that with a screen this big – one inch, albeit with OLED and with a 96 x 64 res – you could be using a Series 60 smartphone running a DivX player. Still, if you did that you wouldn’t get the 15 hour life that the ONE is rated to.

There are 256MB, 512MB and 1GB versions going for, respectively, £120, £140 and £180. Your friendly neighbourhood store is Please Can I Have One.