Monster and Susan Boyle introduce Beats by Boyle Studio headphones

Looks like the esteemed Dr is expanding the Beats brand to appeal to the talent show-watching masses

Monster has ripped up the rule book and revealed an officially licensed pair of Susan Boyle Monster Studio headphones to join the ranks of Lady Gaga's licensed Heartbeat 2.0 earphones released last year.

The special limited edition Beats by Boyle headphones feature the same 40mm drivers and deep bass response found in the Boyle-less versions, as well as the same active noise cancellation technology to keep out distracting ambient noise.

If for some reason you've lost all notion of common sense, style and logic, and actually want to don these flower-infused cans over your noggin, then you can pick them up for the rather ambitious price of £200. Ouch.

We're still awaiting news of a duet between Miss Boyle and the Dr himself, but we're crossing our fingers for the future release of a 'Straight Outta Scotland' collaboration album between the two esteemed artists.