This Mexican street racer is too Vuhl for school

Only a Vuhl would miss the opportunity to own one

Oh great, another concept car. What madcap nuttiness do you have for me this week?

Aha! This isn't a concept car but a real, tangible, ready-to-race vehicle that you can purchase from Bespoke Performance in Hertfordshire for £59,995. Yes, it might look like a designer's dream doodle and yes, some chaps in Mexico built it, but it works and it's awesome.

That's a lot of money for four wheels and a bit of bodywork, isn't it?

This stripped back speed machine has been designed with track performance in mind and, as such, does away with many of the niceties one would expect to see in a modern car. In fact, you don't even get a roof - but that's sort of the point.

It weighs 700kg thanks to the cutting-edge aluminium tub, yet the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine develops 285bhp and is capable of launching this angry fellow from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. Man-handling that sort of power with your bum scraping the ground and a tiny windshield doing very little to stop bugs entering your eye sockets is the pinnacle of petrolhead paradise.

Can I even drive it on the road?

Yes you can, and its designers have deliberately made it slightly more forgiving than some of the rivals it faces. The KTM X-Bow, BAC Mono and Lotus 3-Eleven are all in a similar price range, but are far more aggressive on the open road.

The Vuhl 05 has a slightly raised ride height, so it can deal with potholes and small speed bumps. The seats have a tiny bit of padding to protect the posterior, too. It's no Rolls-Royce, but slightly more luxurious than a Caterham. 

Will Vuhl actually sell any of these?

The Mexico City factory can only build 50 cars a year, so they will be a rarity, but the team is confident that well-heeled UK sports car fans will reserve a space in their garages for one.

Although saying that, it's not exactly UK-friendly: there are no doors, there's no roof and it won't be cheap to tax, but the fact you can buy a branded fire extinguisher and matching helmet from the website renders all the negatives instantly obsolete.