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Meet BAT, the hover mouse

This handy hovering controller is designed to fix carpal tunnel syndrome. And make you look like a Jedi

A hover anything is a gadget win in our books. So even though the BAT hover mouse from designer Vadim Kibardin is just a design at the moment, we can’t help but get excited about the prospect of a floating mouse.

It’s claimed that the mouse will float about one and a half inches above the magnetic pad. When you rest your weight on it the mouse will hover at whatever height is most comfortable for your wrist – taking pressure off the main nerve, a bit like using it underwater. That means less risk of carpal tunnel syndrome – or office boredom.

According to the designer, the BAT mouse is currently “testing period and research market,” which we reckon means it could be a reality before too long. Kibardin had better get a shift on though, before these future controllers render the mouse obsolete.

What other devices could benefit from hover pads? Answers on a postcard. Or below.

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