Make insects buzz off in style with this sci-fi fly trap

Save your skin this summer and deal out insect death in chic white minimalistic style. You monster you

Flies. They're the bane of summer and their incessant buzzing can drive even a zen master up the wall.

The Inatrap from Acase uses science to solve your fly problem once and for all – it entices pesky flying insects with an irresistible pulsating LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction which releases warm CO2 emissions to replicates a human breath. And it does all that despite looking like some sort of sci-fi bathroom appliance.

Once you've caught your buzzing tormentors in the Inatrap, their fate is in your hands – let them fly off or leave them to wither away into oblivion.

If you fancy doing away with that manky old fly swatter, then head on over to Amazon, where you can nab the Inatrap for US$90.

[via Dvice]

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