Machjet LPP6010N – World’s fastest printer

Printers aren’t exciting, usually – but LG and Memjet have added crazy speeds and risk of paper cut death. It just got interesting

Printing, like washing up or getting dressed, is a means to an end and rarely exciting in itself – until now. The Machjet LPP6010N – which even sounds fast – is the brainchild of LG and print specialists Memjet. The Flash of printers produces 60 pages per minute (yes, one per second) and at half the cost of traditional office colour printers. It achieves this 1600x800dpi feat using 70,000 ink nozzles that somehow only use 32W of power, compared to an average 600W on soon-to-obsolete current printers. No price or release date yet but watch this space.

Is this a last stand before tablets take over? Share your Tweeted opinions @StuffTV or in the comment box below.


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