Lumus see-through video glasses project 87in virtual displays

Watching The Simpsons mid-meeting without your boss knowing might be closer than you think

Hook the Lumus video glasses up to your smartphone or iPod and you could be watching a movie in 720p on a 87in screen on the train or at work – kind of. The latest version of these future-tastic Lumus specs can display a mahoosive virtual screen that appears to be 10 feet away from the wearer, all crammed into regular-sized frames.

The clever bit is Lumus' Light Optical Element tech in the 1.6mm thick lenses – it embeds tiny, see-through elements into the lenses and then the micro-display pods (those'll be the black boxes) feed in video content and project them onto the LOE. The Lumus glasses can even play 3D video – and we're already excited about the augmented reality potential.

For now, Lumus has a pretty impressive list of uses that they hope big tech manufacturers will stick into some shiny, new hardware. Those include watching movies, gaming and checking the internet with a click of your smartphone and a placid look on your face. The glasses could also take GPS navigation to the next level and become a virtual cue card when giving speeches.

We'll fight you for heads-on time with the video glasses at CES in January.

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