Lovefilm gets HD movie streaming

Lovefilm's been eager to please lately and this upgrade for some of its catalogue should ensnare more streaming stragglers

With free trials, a user-friendly UI and HD skills, Netflix has been nosing ahead in the movie-streaming features race, but Lovefilm is a dead cert for a comeback, with its Universal Pictures exclusive and the introduction on May 31 of HD movie streaming.

Amazon's gang of streaming experts have just announced some Lovefilm Instant films will now be available in HD in the UK and Germany – that's 720p on your Xbox 360 or Samsung/LG internet-connected HDTVs or 1080p (Full HD) on PC or Mac. If you've got a PS3 you'll have to wait as Lovefilm haven't said when the console will get HD.

Lovefilm's been shy about pinning down how many movies out of its vast catalogue will benefit but it has tempted us with a few names – Four Lions and TV shows like Planet Earth and Lost.

The HD movies won't cost you any extra on top of your sub and individual rental fees. And if you want to test the waters, Lovefilm's running a 30 day free trial now.

UPDATE: Lovefilm has told us it's working on recoding the app for the PS3 so HD streaming for the console is definitely 'on the way'. It's also beavering away at adding more and more titles to the HD club so keep a beady eye out over the next few months.

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