LG's A540 laptop gets 3D with or without glasses

This shiny, new laptop comes with more options than your morning coffee – and the same despair if you drop one

If you're enamoured with glasses free 3D, well doesn't LG just have the shiny new MacBook Pro-styled laptop for you. The Korean purveyors of all things multi-dimensional have just launched the A540 laptop in Korea with IPS, passive 3D and glasses free 3D options.

The 15.6in laptop is set for a release in the rest of the world (that includes you) in Q1 of this year so while LG might not hit that deadline, we wouldn't be too surprised to see European versions hitting real and virtual shelves before long.

Annoyingly, LG hasn't thought it helpful to tell anyone an exact screen resolution but we do know that it's HD and that the A540 will arrive rocking a Core i7 processor, aluminium body and 2D to 3D conversion skills. Price wise, it ain't cheap – expect to pay £950 for the passive 3D model and £1250 for the eye-tracking, glasses-free version.

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