LG Spectrum beats Apple iPhone's Retina Display

So what if its only by 3ppi? The numbers game is all that matters. Right?

LG has taken the wraps off its Spectrum – a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor powered 4G phone with a 4.5in True HD IPS display which bests the Apple iPhone 4S' retina display, in ppi at least.

The Spectrum's screen clocks in at 329ppi, a whole 3ppi more than the 326ppi Retina Display on the iPhone 4S. Granted, the difference will be totally negligible, but in a world full of the 'thinnest' and 'brightest' and 'clearest' tech, every little helps.

Other specs include an 8MP camera, 1GB RAM and a fairly hefty 1,830 mAh battery. Sadly the Spectrum is a US-only device for now, but a 3G version may be making its way to the UK, so stay tuned.

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