LG Optimus 3D gets 2D to 3D games converter

Racing tracks and golf courses get ready for their 3D makeover

An LG Optimus 3D without any decent 3D games to play reminds us of, well, a Nintendo 3DS without any decent games to play. So LG, wanting to make sure gamers get their 3D smartphone kicks sooner rather than later, has just announced a 3D Game Converter to roll out in October.

So 2D games developers can quickly get 3D games out into the wide 3D smartphone world and Optimus 3D owners can open up optimised 2D games in the Game Converter to transform them via automatic settings. 50 games with optimised settings will be available from October with 50 more promised by the end of 2011. We'll be taking a sneak peek this week at IFA so keep your glasses-free eyes peeled for updates and photos.


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