LG Magic Remote first to adopt Nuance's Dragon TV voice-control tech

The traditional remote will soon be obsolete as we move into a new age of voice controlled clickers

We knew LG packed voice control tech into its clever Magic Remote this time round, but until now LG has been keeping schtum on the brains behind its voice controlled interface.

It's now been revealed that Nuance – the same company that breathed life into Siri – powers the new voice recognition features in LG's Magic Remote for its line of Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

Not only is the Korean company the first manufacturer to implement Nuance's Dragon TV voice-controlled system into its Smart TVs, but the Magic Remote is the first interface of its kind – beating the rumoured Siri-powered Apple TV to the market.

So in addition to navigating your TV's menus by Wii-style motion control, you can verbally command your gogglebox to fire up games and music, search the web, find and watch TV shows and movies by name, actors and keywords, and tweet or update your Facebook status using its speech-to-text option.

The battle to render the traditional remote obsolete and revolutionise the digital living room experience begins pretty soon, when LG's Magic Remote goes on sale some time in early Q1 – so expect it to land any day now.

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