This leafy speaker likes trees and beats

Hemp and bamboo boombox is a...sorry... karma chameleon

Well, music is all recycled these days, anyway.

Hey, that’s not true. There’s some terribly innovative music out there. Some terrible, innovative music. You just need to stop listening to the stations that your children presetted on the kitchen radio. Especially that one that doesn’t come on until 7pm, and sounds like two teenagers holding their phones next to a laptop mic.

I like those guys. They’re so, you know, unregulated.

Hmm, well, it might be time to retire that radio to the garage. Replace it with a Bluetooth speaker, get yourself a Spotify subscription and open your ears to Discover Weekly, its seemingly infinite pot of bands it knows that you didn’t know you liked.

So you don’t feel too bad about replacing a audio thing that works with another audio thing that works, this House of Marley portable speaker is made of all sorts of groovy materials: bamboo and hemp and organic cotton and recycled plastic.


No thanks. That leafy pattern is a bit too floppy-hat-and-flared-pants for my liking.

Then, good news! It also comes in a tasteful black colour, not to mention denim.

Never mention denim gadgets.

We didn’t. Inside the Get Together Mini is a 10 hour battery, charged via microUSB, that powers two 1in tweeters, two 2.5in woofers and a passive bass radiator. Double duty as a Bluetooth handsfree comes courtesy of the built-in microphone and the whole thing, karma and all, is £129.99.