Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker watch is having a laugh

But, at €6990, is the joke on you?

That is awesome.

Good, we’ll add your views to our “awesome or abhorrent” survey. Results so far: 100 percent to the former.*

*Sample size: 1

Well, I can see how you might think it was a bit, well, cheesy. 

It’s definitely more Cesar Romero than Heath Ledger in the Joker stakes, for sure. Which is good, for a watch, despite where your Batman film loyalties lie. (We’re all about the Tim Burton/Jack Nicholson, in case you were wondering.) But, as a timekeeper, it should be pretty solid.


The eyes have it, I see. 

Yep, hours and minutes are represented by the pupils so as the day goes on, our villain adopts any number of goofy expressions. Enhanced by the tongue, which is actually a moon phase indicator. 

I like it, but something about that manufacturer name says ‘money’. 

Konstantin Chaykin is a Russian watchmaker of considerable repute and within the Joker is a tweaked Swiss ETA automatic movement. The strap is black alligator, with Joker-esque green and purple accents. All of which, yes, adds up to a decent price tag for one of the 99 pieces that Chaykin is making: €6990. Better hope Batman doesn’t thwart your bank heist.