Just because they could – Terminator T-800 Animatronic bust

Ever wanted a chrome-plated robot skull to follow you around the room with its pitiless red gaze? Your prayers have been answered

A Japanese artist obsessed with all things Terminator related has revealed the latest version of his animatronic T-800 bust – making fans of Arnie's android assassin drool with desire.

Lovingly crafted out of chrome metal-plated vinyl, the animatronic head is incredibly accurate – the teeth are even based on Arnie's own chompers.

The Terminator's signature glowing red eyes are also present and the whole thing looks eerily realistic when in motion – especially in a dark room.

You'll have to commission one of your own if you want a robot death machine glaring at you while you sleep – which we expect will cost a fair amount of coin. Still, when something sets our geek sense tingling this much, we find ourselves pondering whether we really need to eat for the next month.

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