Jay-Z puts Duracell Powermat on the door for his New York club

Dre who? Sorry we can't hear you over all the wild wireless charging we're doing over at Jay Z's nightclub

Jay-Z has a tough task ahead of him – doing for wireless charging what Dr Dre did for big, bassy headphones. But he's not off to a bad start – the new partnership between Jay-Z and Duracell Powermat's Wireless Power Nation campaign looks pretty promising for gadget-loving partygoers.

The wireless charging mat itself isn't new but the idea of sticking Powermat charging stations on tables in bars, cafes and (less useful to us) the gym is genius. The US is getting a nationwide roll-out and we hope after his extended stay in London, Jay-Z and Duracell Powermat might look kindly on the UK next.

The rapper reckons Duracell is kickstarting a revolution in wireless energy so he's trialling the tech in his 40/40 nightclub in New York. The only downside? Less room for the Cristal.

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