iPhone 5 to get NFC for Passbook payments?

It looks like Apple's planning to let us pay with our next-gen iPhones – just don't cut yours in half when you spend too much

We've heard the iPhone 5 NFC rumblings before but this time the evidence of Cupertino landing some sort of iWallet in our laps at the (probable) iPhone 5 launch in October looks pretty convincing.

9to5mac has done the gadget legwork and found NFC chips in hardware data from iPhone 5 prototypes and the recent unveiling of iOS 6's PassBook app which stores movie tickets, boarding passes and other previously paper pocket-wares, suggests Apple is gearing up for an NFC and iTunes payment system.

If Apple does stick NFC in the iPhone 5, it could be the start of a mobile payments revolution. Retailers have been slow to foot the bill of NFC equipment in shops but if millions of iPhone owners start demanding the right to pay with a swipe of their smartphone – not to mention all the Android users who've had the tech in their handsets for ages – we can't see them arguing.

You'll find more iPhone 5 rumours than you can handle in one sitting over in our comprehensive rumour round-up.

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