Incredibly thin iPhone 6 case leaks

The next iPhone could be thin enough to slice through your pocket
Incredibly thin iPhone 6 case leaks

That's right folks. Among all the CES madness, we've got an honest-to-goodness iPhone 6 rumour. And a juicy one at that.

Chinese site CTech has posted apparently genuine shots of a metal Apple iPhone 6 casing to Weibo, and it looks ridiculously thin.

Despite the blurry photos, it's easy to notice the larger, wider size, which supports rumours of the iPhone 6's larger display.

Incredibly thin iPhone 6 case leaks

Previous rumours have suggested an iPhone 6 screen size between 4.7-5.5 inches, with a higher 2,2772x1,280 resolution to allow existing apps to be scaled up easily.

We'll have to wait for more inevitable leaks to see if they match up to these initial shots, but one things for certain – the iPhone 6 rumour mill is only going to spin faster from this point onwards.

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