Icon – Lazareth Wazuma V8F

What happens when you put a Ferrari engine in a quad bike?

Is that a red Batmobile?

Nearly – it's what Batman would have if his bikes were packing 3.0l 250bhp V8 Ferrari engines. Technically this is a quad bike, but with those two rear wheels so close it's nearly a motorbike, meaning great handling as well as speed.

So is Ferrari making bikes now?

Whoa there, this isn't made by Ferrari, but a company called Lazareth. Those guys aren't the monogamous type though – they used the six-speed gearbox from the ever efficient BMW M3, as well as gigantic 324mm Brembo callipered disc brakes. So even though the Wazuma (stupid name, we know) is fast – it's not dangerous, sort of.

How much is this going to cost me?

A wee bit more than the Batman costume you'll undoubtedly buy to go with it, at £168,000. So while you're chilling (literally) on this beast as you wonder why you sold your house, just remember Batman would be proud.

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