Icon – Korg microPiano

Grand pianos have just gone nano

Jamie Cullum’s new piano arrived in one piece, then

If only he knew it existed. Korg’s microPiano is so fresh it ought to be kept in the fridge. It might even just fit, with its five-octave mini keyboard and tiny grand piano styled enclosure complete with lifting lid.

But I’m six foot. Where would I put my feet?

I’ll tell you where you can put your tone in a minute. Korg says the microPiano is suitable “for serious performers” and reckons its 61 Natural Touch keys will provide “pure piano enjoyment”. To answer your question: anyone with a brain would put it on a stand or table before attempting to play it. Unless they were Jamie Cullum, of course.

Alright, but I bet it doesn’t sound like a Steinway concert grand

Actually it uses the same stereo samples as Korg’s flagship electric pianos. And it’ll ape all sorts of other keys – clavs, organs, harpsichord…

Oh, right. Because you never know when you’re going to need to bust out a harpsichord riff

Quite. There’s also wind, percussion, strings… but enough about trivia like sound. Look how cool it is. And it comes in red or white as well as the more sober black in case you feel like letting your inner Elton tickle the ivories. Which you’ll be able to do from March for an unconfirmed price.

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