HyperX's FPS gaming keyboard is shooty and sweet

Interchangeable keys let you see red at weekends

A keyboard? It’s not exactly getting my heart racing.

This isn’t any regular keyboard. This has been designed specifically for FPS gamers, those looking for marginal gains in their Overwatch sessions. Any decent gamer would be able to find the WASD keys while blindfolded and high on Haribo, but the interchangeable red, alu-stamp style keys are a nice touch.

I don’t have enough space on my desk for any hulking gamer's board.

Well, maybe you should think about re-housing your 80s Innovations catalogue executive toy collection. You lost the cue ball for the mini pool table years ago.

But anyway, the HyperX Alloy FPS has a compact layout, knowing that what you really want is room for your mouse to storm about the battlefield. It's dinky layout also makes it more portable, with a detachable USB cord, so you can easily yump all your kit over to you mate’s house and watch their face crumble as you obliterate their kill-death ratio.

So, a small gaming keyboard? I'm still not bowled over.

Well, under them keys is gamer-fav Cherry MX Blue Mechanical switches, giving you the kind of precise feedback that's needed when the grenades are flying. There’s also a Game Mode driver option that prevents accidental homescreen jumps by disabling the Windows keys. 

You know what? I don't even game that much. 

Geez, you're a tough customer. Hark at this, then: because it's been designed for gamers and eSporters, it's been made tough. That's why it costs £99, because it has a proper aluminium backbone. For non-gamers that means that - unlike the plastic beige keyboard that came with your PC - the HyperX will be able to withstand even the most frenzied war against an internet troll, even the most fervent afternoon of am-dram scripting.

And, finally, because gamers like their keyboards wired, for minimum lag time, you get a handy USB charging port for your phone right there where you need it. You know, next to your Innovation's Newton's Cradle with the knotted wire.    

Buy the HyperX Alloy FPS here from Amazon