HTC Sensation XL with Beats audio sounds XL-ent

Is HTC's new Beats blower as Sensational as its maker claims?

HTC's Sensation XL wasn't exactly the world's best kept secret, and now the cat – previously known as the Runnymede – is finally out the bag.

Previous speculation on HTC's third Sensation smartie has been spot on, and based on its spec sheet – 4.7in Super LCD screen, 400 x 800 pixel screen, single-core 1.5GHz processor – it is essentially the Titan, but with Windows Mango swapped out for a lick of Android 2.3.5 paint.

All the HTC extras are present, so expect the usual bells and whistles in the form of version 3.5 of the Sense UI.

Unlike the Sensation XE, the Sensation XL is the first handset that's been built from the ground up with Beats audio engineers, making it the first true Beats smartphone. Despite its musical background, the Sensation XL isn't just about the choons. Even with that low horsepower, HTC describes it as its new flagship device.

It's pocket-friendly with a 9.9mm girth, it comes with an 8MP camera and dual LED flash, with a fast F/2.2 lens, which should be great for shooting in low light. You'll also get 16GB of built-in memory and just like its XE sibling, the Sensation XL comes with special Beats in-ear headphones in the box, throwing up an automatic audio upgrade when it detects a song in your music library that's been optimised for Beats audio.

If the Beats Solos are more your thing, there will also be a limited edition bundle available packing Dr Dre's on-ear cans.

UK pricing is yet to announced, but Vodafone, 3 and O2 will all be getting in on the action. The Sensation XL is due to make its debut appearance in November – just in time to make it on to your Christmas wishlist.

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