"High end" Tesco smartphone to be launched by end of 2014

Report claims it will be an Android phone with specs “comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5”
"High end" Tesco smartphone to be launched by end of 2014

Tesco is to launch its own smartphone by the end of the year. The retailer’s chief executive Philip Clarke confirmed the existence of the handset to BBC Radio 5, saying that it would come with Tesco services pre-installed.

The BBC also claims that the phone – as yet unnamed – will run on Android and spec-wise will be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5. If true, that’ll place it within the top tier of current smartphones – but most likely with a price tag far below that of the S5.

A new Hudl tablet, too

Tesco's Hudl tablet

Tesco is also planning to launch a refreshed edition of its Hudl tablet in September 2014. The first Hudl cost just £120 and performed remarkably well (read all about it in our full review), and we’d imagine its successor will offer a similar blend of wallet-friendly pricing, durable build quality and “good enough” performance.

[Via BBC News]