Hands on – Polaroid GL30, GL20 and GL10

We get our hands on Lady GaGa's favourite new toys

It's a collaboration with Lady GaGa, but that's almost incidental – the Polaroid Grey Label GL30 is the kind of retro-chic instant digital camera Polaroid should've been making for years. And we've had our hands on it…

The body is a gorgeous wedge shape, of a similar size to the classic Polaroid film cameras of old. The metal top and bottom plates are beautifully old-school.

The screen is of the flip-up variety and also swivels round. Underneath is a panel of controls. Nothing touch-sensitive here; just good old-fashioned buttons.

Like the Polaroid PoGo camera, the GL30 uses Zink printing technology for instant prints within seconds.

We're told the GL30 will be arriving in time for Christmas, but the price hasn't been set.

Also part of the Grey Label series is the Polaprinter GL10 instant Zink Bluetooth printer…

…and these amazing Polarez GL20 glasses. They have a camera built in, so you can take a photo and have it displayed on the mini screens as a "fashion statement". Very GaGa.

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