Grab a gadget for 20% less with this ebay code…if you’re quick

Grab a gadget bargain before bed

Who doesn't love a bargain? From watches and wizard cloaks to robo-ponies and that weird, purple jelly mould you bought Nana last Christmas, everything is made better by a discount.

And what's the best kind of discount? Oh, maybe one that gives you 20% off across all ebay categories.

"All of them," you ask? Why, yes, every single one. You can even cram multiple items into your pretend, online basket.

Sure, you have to spend £20 to catch the coupon, and the maximum discount is £50, but still - three cheers for freebie...Thursday.

So, zip over to the 'bay and tap in the code CUKFLASH before 22.00 tonight. Need some inspiration? Check out our top 10s for the best of everything remotely tech-related.

What does 20% look like? Gosh, so many questions. But, OK, it means a £200 PS4. It means a Galaxy S6 for £270. It means, prepare yourself, a knock-off Chinese tablet for £6 less than usual. 

Why 22.00? Because it's a flash offer, duh. Come to think of it, you could also use the code to buy a Misfit Flash. Would that make it a double flash? Who knows - just make sure you check out those Ts and Cs first.