Google Glasses coming this year

The lines between reality and the virtual world are about to blur

Google Glasses, with augmented reality heads-up-display lenses, could be coming this year. Just like Terminator, Robocop or Predator – simply looking at a landmark will bring up everything you want to know about it – but with less 80s action flick violence ensuing.

Google plans to release its glasses, according to The New York Times’ Google employee sources, packing an Android OS, 4G connection, and a range of sensors including GPS.

Google Glasses will use a small, low-resolution camera to record the world you see and overlay information you want controlled by subtle head movements. The price seems to be guesswork with a range from US$250 to US$600. This is likely because Google isn’t planning the release as a business venture but more of a hobbyist experiment. Is this all Google research for virtual reality contact lenses? We hope so.

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